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LPL Opens America's Largest Net-Zero Energy Office Building Powered by Bloom Energy 

On April 5, LPL Financial, the nation's largest independent broker-dealer, announced the opening of the U.S.'s largest commercial, net-zero office building.  

The 13 story, 415,000 square foot building uses three Bloom Energy fuel cells, to convert natural gas into clean electricity and save on water consumption.  LPL Financial is also purchasing and pumping biogas into the grid to achieve net-zero eligibility.

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Toyota Confirms 2015 Launch of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle 

On April 16, Toyota Motor Corp confirmed that it plans to launch its hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) in the United States, Japan, and Europe in 2015. 

 In development for over 20 years, Toyota believes that incremental cost and efficiency improvements in the design and fuel cell stack have allowed it to market the car at a competitive price.  Toyota is also collaborating with BMW, sharing fuel cell technical advancements towards the commercialization. 

 This announcement comes as two other automakers, Hyundai and Honda, gear up to debut their own FCEV's in global markets.

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